Finally, Fun was Found!

This weekend, while Michelle & David were at the race in Bristol, I had promised Sarah some fun – and hoped to get some myself as well! The first part of our fun was a surprise – we met up with Robert & his daughter, Emily, in Exton and Emily & Sarah & I had dinner together and then they both slept over at my place Friday night. Saturday morning, it was off to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! I hadn’t been in a couple of years but always loved it when I went with my folks in the past, so I thought the girls might enjoy it. And enjoy it they did…especially this fellow…a little Orlando Bloom-ish, eh?

Some other fun highlights…running into Trish & Jack & the boys, the mud pit, the Mud Fairy, the fire-eating Fool, the pickles-on-a-stick, the huge turkey legs and of course, funnel cake!

Boys & their toys…

Laughing at the Mud Pit

A Mud Pitt-ian and the Mud Fairy, sculpting

The fire-eating Fool

Pickle, stick…you do the math

Holy turkey leg, Batman!

We left tired…but happy!

Tuesday Treasure

Yes, I do know that it’s really Wednesday but I have wanted to post this for a while and haven’t been able to…so pretend it’s Tuesday!

My treasure this week is an odd one to some. It’s my stress ball collection. It started quite harmlessly – a squeezy red blood cell someone gave me from a trade show they went to. Then a head you could squish…then suddenly a pig arrived, then a cow…then the whole thing took on a life of its own! It became a challenge for my coworkers to bring me the coolest one back from their travels. The collection has blossomed to include:

  • Two tropical fish (one pink/blue and one yellow/blue)
  • A Commerce Bank “C”
  • The cow
  • A brick
  • Two heads
  • A hippo
  • A pig
  • A pyramid
  • A computer with arms & legs
  • A globe
  • The red blood cell
  • A heart (the real internal organ type)
  • Two brains
  • A liver with gallbladder attached (by far the grossest!)
  • A kidney
  • An airplane (famously stolen by a friend from her son at a Christmas party)
  • A train
  • A buffalo…my latest addition

I don’t actually use these – they are more for the people visiting my office. In the old place, they sat right on the front my desk across from my guest chair, the perfect location and conversation starter. Now they sit on a bookshelf, next to the guest chair. Not having many guests, however, it’s not been as much of a conversation starter as I had hoped.

But it makes me happy. It reminds me of my dear friends and how nice it always is to receive a gift for no reason. : )

Don’t worry…

…I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve had things to blog about almost every day this week but when I get home my lovely interenet provider isn’t interested in working right. It connects, then disconnects for no good reason and I frankly haven’t had the wherewithall to contact them and spend an hour on the phone with them, trying things I have already tried, and getting frustrated. I shall this weekend, though, because I can’t be without my email for that long!

Friday Feast

What color is your car?

Forest green

If you could wake up tomorrow with full training in another occupation and a job in that field, what would it be?

Teaching, as in kids (I am trained to teach adults and already work in that field, but it’s not as much fun!)

How many times in your life have you had the flu (or something similar)?

Flu…probably a bunch of times when I was a kid (I was a sickly one!) but in the past few years, I’d have to say maybe once.

Main Course
What is something that has happened to you this week that you didn’t expect?

I took the day off on Tuesday to go for a second look at a house I am very interested in. I went through again, told my agent I’d be calling him that afternoon, etc. I called right when I got home, ready to make an offer. Silly, silly me! I told him how much I wanted to offer and that I wanted to ask for seller’s assist and we had a long conversation about the…well, basically, futility of that idea. So I decided that I needed to do some juggling financially to make sure my closing costs and the good faith cashola that apparently needs to go with the offer (which I totally didn’t know needed to be SO MUCH) is actually in hand before I move forward. I was disappointed but I need to be realistic here. So I have spent the better part of the week trying to rollover funds from one account into another type of account, with the same company, and banging my head against a wall. I may have finally resolved it after about two hours on the phone with them today but it still may take 30 days to access the cash. The financial guy said I should make the offer anyway, since it will be available by then, but judging by all the madness it’s taken to even get this far, I’m not willing to take that chance. Also, there is another offer in on the house and if the seller takes it, well, then it just wasn’t to be! As much as I want to leap at this – I know I need to be more pragmatic and not get into something I can’t follow through with in the end.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

11. His name was Duane. We “went out” for all of 12 hours. Whoo hoo!


I need a vacation.
A nice, long, relaxing, get away from everything and don’t worry about a thing kind of vacation.
But alas, there is no cash for such a journey, so my longing remains unfulfilled. 
Yesterday is kind of a blur.  I didn’t have to teach but spent a lot of time observing some of the classes and seeing how things were going.  I was really very pleased to see that the kids all seemed well-behaved and things seemed to be going well overall.  In my online course, the instructor said that one of your goals with any work you do should be to “leave things better than when you got them”.  I think I finally feel comfortable enough to say that things are better now than ever in terms of children’s ministry. Wow!  When I first took over, a Children’s Ministry Director from another church told me it would probably be three years before I felt like I had a handle on things and new what I was doing…she was just about right, too.
After church, I headed up north to deliver some meals to a family.  The husband’s mother just died last week, suddenly at 58.  What a shame – and there is so much strife and division in the family, it just making things more and more challenging for everyone.
Then off to JoAnn’s in search of the perfect scrapbook for my workcamp photos…but alas, none seemed right. 
So onward home for lunch and “Drumline”, followed by “Remember the Titans” and “The Ron Clark Story”.  In between, the kitchen got cleaned and reorganized (somewhat), the flowerbed kind of got weeded, the vegetable “garden” planters got tossed, the bird feeders got filled, the bedroom got straightened up, birthday presents were wrapped (Kim – Emma’s are FINALLY on the way…two months late…sorry!!!) and cards were made. 
Still a great deal to get done but at least I feel like I accomplished a lot of things I have been putting off!

Dumb Bunny

I am a dumb bunny.

I had my half day yesterday and ran a bunch of errands before meeting up with Nancy & Michelle. One of my errands was to the local Christian bookstore to pick up a new curriculum for the preschool class at church…but I cannot enter a bookstore and leave simply with what I came for. Oh, no! I have to go an look and see if my favorite authors have put out any new books this summer. Two of them had – but I did manage to exert a tiny bit of self-control and only bought one – the new Yada Yada Prayer Group book. I absolutely love this series! And there was no way I was passing this one up.

I got home around 10:30 and spent some time cleaning up the house a bit, then tucked myself into bed with the book. At 2 AM, I decided I probably should stop reading and get some shut eye. And now, I am paying for it!!!! I looked at a house this afternoon and ran some errands, then spent a few hours completing some overdue church tasks…and I am exhausted. Yet, I think a bowl of ice cream and the Yadas are calling my name!

And you know I won’t sleep until it’s finished this time!

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today is absolutely gorgeous! We have summer hours at work and today was my Friday to have the afternoon off. I ran my errands and now I will be able to relax tomorrow and actually enjoy part of the weekend for a change! Yahoo! I’m actually hoping to look at some houses tomorrow. There are two I am interested in, so we shall see. This househunting thing is full of ups and downs…I see something I like online, I get excited, then I wait for my agent to setup an appointment. I get excited again, I go to see it, then I am (thus far) disappointed. I found a checklist online that you can take with you so you make sure that you are getting everything you want in the home before you make an offer. I think I’ll start using that; it might help some.

Some of you have been asking about Ramona. So far, the insulin shots are going…okay. Not great – she doesn’t like to hold still – but she is at least tolerating them. I don’t think they hurt her. Starting Saturday, though, I have to give them to her twice a day (morning and evening) and I think that might be more of a challenge. But I will do my best and hope it makes her feel better! Nellie, however, thinks I am evil now and hides all day from me. The only time she comes out is at night when I am safely in bed. I guess she realizes that at that point, I’m not getting out to chase her down and do anything to her. I hope she never needs shots! It definitely won’t happen with her.

Well, I’ve got a few things to get done before I get together with some girlfriends tonight, so tata for now!

Another Adventure

Today, I took the day off of work and we ventured into the city to help one of our sister churches with some projects. They have a thrift store and needed some help sorting and pricing there. They have a garden…in the middle of a not at all nice part of the city, they found a vacant lot and made it a beautiful garden…we didn’t have any work to do there today. And they have a new meeting place. They are retrofitting the first floor of a building that was built back in the early 19oos. It’s an interesting place but A LOT of work is needed there. I had hoped to be working on framing out some walls or putting up drywall but today was not a day for that. Today it was about cutting up PVC pipe (which was fun), cleaning up pipe and wires and what-have-you from all around, and tearing the wood off of windows and letting the sun shine in and air breeze through.

It doesn’t look like much…but they can see the potential there – and I can see it too. Through all the dirt and dust and…well, junk…I can see a space where people can come, in the middle of a not so great part of town, and find the Lord there, through his people who care enough – care so much – to make this a priority, to put in their time, to put in their money, to put in their sweat and probably their tears.