Why Can’t We Have a Five Day Weekend Instead?

I think working two days a week would be quite sufficient.

I have been a busy bee this weekend. I went out to Blues Street BBQ with David, Michelle, the famous one and her friend. When I got home, I decided I was going to do the reading I had been procrastinating on for my course. When I looked at the syllabus, though, it turned out I had to read the whole book! But I forged on and completed it. I went online to take my content test only to find that my dsl had failed me and I was going to have to deal with tech support in the morning.

Which I did, completed the content test and also took another test on the book overall. In that regard, I’m apparently ahead – which is a great feeling! So it is on to unit 4 now, which I hope to complete this week and get back on the suggested one unit a week schedule.

I went to look at a townhouse yesterday. I wasn’t thrilled with it, though it was a nice enough place. It had a little fenced in area in the picture that I was excited about – I really want some place of my own that I can plant flowers and a little vegetable garden and sit and read and relax. The place I am in now is a rental and the woman who lives above me has lived her for 30 years…so it always seems as though this is her property. Plus, with renting, there is little I can do. I have tomatoes growing haphazardly in pots and am trying in vain to grow an eggplant in one as well…though that seems pretty futile right now! Anyway, so I go to this house and step out in the fenced in area…nary a piece of grass or green anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! It was all cement. You sat on cement and stared at your tight fencing. Kym & Trish and I were joking about it today that I could take a jackhammer to it – can you imagine??????????? So that is a no go.

Then last evening, K & I went to fundraiser for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. I found out about it through a local singles group, and it was at a local zoo, so we thought we would check it out. Well, it was hotter than heck, packed with people, lacking animals, and just overall a flop. Though K does want me to point out that some random guy fanned me while I was waiting in line for a drink! But because I totally lack any social interaction skills with members of the opposite sex, that was about it. Oh well – seems like a good organization and one that doesn’t get a great deal of attention, so the admission fee went to a good cause.

Today was another busy day with church and then a jaunt up to my parents neck of the woods. When I got home, I hunkered down and caught up on my homework for a Precept Bible study on the book of Jonah. I only have one day’s work to finish by Tuesday – should be a piece of cake! (Cindy, aren’t you proud?!?!?!?)

Now, here I am finishing up dishes and wash and generally putting my house back together finally after workcamp. I am still tired but feel more normal (ha) this weekend than I did last week. Another day off would serve me well, however. I have to give that some thought – my next planned day off from work is slated for a service project with the youth in the city to help out another church in our denomination that is trying to clean up their neighborhood. Sounds like a good day (twice, I typed “God day” – which it also will be!) and it’ll be nice to serve somewhat locally. I’m thinking and talking to David about starting a once a month day of service – like First Saturday of Service for the youth and anyone else who wants to participate. Then people would know it was going on each month, be able to take off work, etc. if need be to participate. I know there are a lot of places & ways we can serve in the area. I just have to put it in motion and get people on board.

Well, enough for now. Hope you all had wonderful weekends and if you are here in the east, STAY COOL. They are calling for up to 115 degrees on Tuesday/Wednesday. YIKES! We right-coast-ers aren’t used to such things!

Cavities, Diabetes, Exhaustion…oh my!

What a week.

We got home from West Virginia around 4:30 on Saturday and I had a dinner meeting at 6:30. I got home around 10:30 or so but had to take care of something for church in the morning.

Sunday was a whirlwind; church, taking the vans back, trying to get wash done and things back in some semblance of order, leaderhship community meeting, etc. Thankfully Kym invited me back in for dinner after the meeting or I would have completely forgotten to eat at all.

Monday was back to work day and I was dragging. After work, I had to take Ramona to the vet because she had been very lethargic and the petsitter said she was also drinking a lot while I was away. So we went to the vet, which she oh so loves, and because she is such a friendly, loving cat to the vet (NOT!) she got to stay so they could sedate her and take blood. I was so upset to leave her there overnight.

Tuesday morning began with a trip to the dentist. My last checkup I had a cavity -gasp! This is so unusual for me. In all my life, this is only my second cavity. So I was anxious about it. It really wasn’t that bad – the worst part was the needle and then the numbness in my face which lasted about four hours afterwards. After work, I picked up Ramona and took her home (with no word from the vet on what was up) and hurried off to my bible study.

Wednesday, the vet calls and leaves a very nonchalant message that Ramona has diabetes and will need to go on insulin, so hey, give a call back when you have a chance! Now I am not a fan of needles and I surely have never given anyone else one…so I am not sure how I am going to do this. But she is my baby and she is entrusted into my care – and care for her I will. But it took me until yesterday to get one of the vets to talk with me. We go in next Thursday to learn how to give the insulin, etc. Pray I can do it! Pray she lets me do it!

Last night I had a children’s ministry management team meeting. We covered a lot and came up with some solutions to some problems that I hope will work out quickly and well. I am blessed with a great team of people to work with, who truly care for these kids. Trish stayed late catching up with me afterwards and ending up driving home in a WICKED storm. I pray she made it home ok! I’ll have to give a call in a little while and make sure all is well.

And now, here I am, finally at Friday. I feel like I could sleep for a week and I probably could! I am definitely sleeping in tomorrow. I am going to look at a house in the afternoon (yes, I still have a fleeting hope of finding something – I haven’t completely put aside that dream!) and in the evening K and I are going to a fundraiser at the Elmwood Park Zoo. I’ve never been there; it’s something different & it sounds like fun. We shall see. There is a deep craving in my soul lately for thigns that are fun and different…as you may have noticed in previous posts…not sure where this will all lead…or what’s causing it (though I have a tiny inkling.)

More later!

Friday Feast 104


What’s the funniest dream you can remember having?

I actually don’t remember my dreams most of the time. And when I do, they generally aren’t funny. They are often just ordinary, every day things happening or scary – falling, being chased, etc. I’ve never had any dreams like I was having tea in a jungle with a large pink alligator or anything like that…does that make me boring?


If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?

This question is harder than it really should be. First I was going to say a Belgian sheepdog. They are sweet and loyal and very loving dogs. But then I keep thinking of my mom’s golden mix who is just a sweet and funny pup. Saints also have some redeeming qualities, although Missy, their current Saint, is a nut. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


Continue this sentence: “I get confused when…”

I get confused when I don’t have all the information I need and I’m trying to do something I’ve never done before.

Main Course

Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing.

A few months ago, I bought a wooden table for the living room. I bought stain, brushes, etc. but haven’t found time to actually stain it.

I’m also procrastinating on the wash as usual. It’s been down there a few days and will probably need to be rewashed. I don’t know if this one is procrastination or just laziness…


When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?

I’m taking an online course for the first time; it started in June and is on pastoring children. It’s part of a Children’s Ministry certificate program. It’s going well but it is very different than having to actually go to class and interact with your classmates & professor. All our interaction is done via discussion boards and there are no firm deadlines to get things finished, which is odd for me. But I think it will work out well. I just need to commit to setting aside time each week for it.

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I tried to post yesterday & again early today via email but apparently they got lost in cyberspace!

We had a great week at workcamp in the Joyful Hills of West Virginia! This year, I was on staff as a photographer so I got to speak with many of the residents of the homes our group (about 400+ strong) were working on. They were all so very thankful – and the feeling of bringing hope and happiness those who can’t help themselves is simply phenomenal! We had 60 crews of teens and adults from all over the country working on 53 homes throughout Upshur County.

A few times, I drove up Sago Road, past where the mine where all those miners lost their lives, and was absolutely chilled. I can’t even describe it. I had to drive up one day that way and went past the coal processing plant and was literally shaken. I know that things like this do happen but being there, and working with the folks in this town, really brought the heartbreak home to me.

One of our youth was working on the house of one of the miner’s best friends. He had a memorial put up in his front yard. I’ll post a picture of it later on tonight or tomorrow.

I feel like there is so much to say, yet I am still so exhausted and trying to get back to the routine of my life. It’s the same struggle I had last year, too. I know I have to get back to it, the every day of it, but I don’t want to. I want to be back at workcamp. I want to be serving and loving on people.


More to come…

Friday Feast 102


Name one thing nice that you could do for someone else today.

Hmm. I was hoping to be in hibernation today. I could water my neighbor’s plants for her.


When was the last time you were frightened by the weather?

Last month, we had a great deal of rain and storms daily. We had one very bad on that I was sure was going to end up as a tornado.


What would you say is the most useful website or blog that you visit?

I’ll pick two – www.weather.com and www.bloglines.com – I check them both all the time!

Main Course

Who was your favorite singer/group when you were a child?

There were many, starting with Shaun Cassidy, then Prince, then I got into harder rock and liked Motley Crue, Dio, Ozzy…


Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?

I have many, but I like to call them routines. : ) Most relate to household chores and taking care of the pets, so I won’t bore you with them all!

The one I am thinking of today and I think I mentioned it in a previous meme is relating to travel (which is currently in the forefront of my mind!) I always take a drink (usually ginger ale) and a can of Pringles Reduced Fat chips on long road trips. I don’t know why but I always do it!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Love Group Workcamp (www.groupworkcamps.com)

  1. Group handles all the logistics. All you have to do is get your youth to the location. They house you, they feed you, they arrange the homes you are going to be working on – everything!
  2. It gives us a great opportunity for our youth group (and the adults!) to get to know each other better and also meet new people from all over the country (and Canada, too, eh!)
  3. Hard work that helps others is good, honest work.
  4. We get tired. But it’s a good tired. You can’t help but sleep well at night after serving others in this way all day.
  5. They have great evening programs every night that bring both youth and adults closer to God.
  6. They have an awesome program on Thursday night that is designed to make you reflect on your life and your relationship with God…and what needs to change to make them better.
  7. Each day there is a different devotional topic that ties into the week’s theme. We do devotions at lunchtime with our crews on the sites and in the evening with our youth groups.
  8. This year, we had pre-camp devotions as well, that helped set the stage for camp and hopefully helped prepare the hearts of those going with us.
  9. We get to visit places we might never go otherwise. On Wednesday afternoon, we have free time with our youth group to relax and sightsee. Last year, we hung out at a waterfall for the afternoon.
  10. We get to bless people in need through our service.
  11. We get to remember to be thankful for what we have – no matter how much or how little.
  12. Group gives you opportunities to serve in different ways. I had a great time last year working on a house with my crew but this year I chose to volunteer as staff and work with the program team as a photographer. Ultimately, I hope to be trained to be the MC for the evening programs – that would be so much fun!
  13. We get to hear about so many God sightings at camp – all the wonderful and amazing ways He is always at work around us!!!!!!

ABCs of Me

**I originally took this from Bev at Blessed Beyond Measure. I realized after posting that there were one or two I didn’t change her answers on…think I got them all now!!

Accent: I don’t think I have one. But Nan tells me sometimes I have a bit of a Philly accent. I don’t know about that! I am one of those people who picks up the accent of wherever they are…in the south, they pick up the southern accent quickly. It’s not a conscious thing, it just happens!

Bible Book That I Like: Ruth is my favorite. I also like Isaiah and Nehemiah.

Chore That I Don’t Care For: I don’t like any chores. Period. But if I had to pick my least favorite, I’d say laundry. I know it’s not hard but I just hate it.

Dog or Cat: Cat

Essential Electronics: Cell phone, computer with email, DVR

Favorite Movie: Anything with John Cusack in it. I also love You’ve Got Mail & Sleepless in Seattle.

Gold or Silver: I actually wear both, depending on the outfit.

Handbag I Carry Most Often: I got a really great Healthy Back bag from Ameribag. I love it! You can carry a ton in it and it feels light as a feather.

Insomnia: The story of my life.

Job Title: Continuing Education Administrator

Kids: three furry ones – two girls & a boy

Living Arrangements: Renting

Most Memorable Moment: Driving through floodwaters with Trish after Lisa’s birthday dinner…and then getting turned around by the police and having to drive BACK through them again.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Turning all the furniture in the house upside down with Jessica while my mom was sleeping

Overnight Hospital Stay: When I had my back surgery in 1986

Phobias: Spiders. House fires. Tornados.

Quote: It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. W. Somerst Maugham

Religion: Saved by grace, attend non-denominational church.

Siblings: None that I have ever met. I know that half-siblings exist but haven’t had the inclination to locate them.

Time I Wake Up: When Norman begins running around the room and jumping around frantically on the bed

Unusual Talent: I have absolutely no idea.

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat: Sweet potatoes

Worst Habit: Too many to list…overspending, overcommiting, procrastinating…

X-rays: Many, many. Spine, foot, head, chest, teeth…

Yummy Stuff I Cook: I think I make a pretty good lasagna. Also, my taco dip is usually a big hit (not that that is really complicated)

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Giraffes, elephants, bears…anything BIG

Out of Sorts

I am having a very odd day.  I am feeling very out of sorts and overly emotional and I don’t know why.  I have a lot on my mind at the moment and am trying to get through a long list of to do’s at work and at home, but generally that just makes me crazed and manic, not weepy.  Hmmm.
I am supposed to have book group tonight but I think I might bow out.  I usually go straight from work and then have about an hour and a half to kill before it starts.  If I go home first, I am literally dropping my stuff off and getting back in the car to come back down near work again, so that is really a waste of gas (and time).  Last month, I treated myself to a bleu cheese chopped salad at Outback and just took my leisurely time.  (Even though I am not a big fan of dining out alone, I learned to make the best of it when travelling a great deal for work in my past life.) I could do the same tonight but I haven’t been cooking much lately and I feel like having a home cooked meal for a change.  I think my mind is really made up already but I am just trying to justify it so I won’t feel guilty.
I think part of the issue, as well, is that the book group is not really turning out to be what I expected (or wanted).  My friend Nancy has one and they get together each month at a different member’s house and relax and talk about the book.  Sometimes they go out to dinner.  They have really created a community and made some friendships through the group and that is what I had hoped would happen in mine.  However, so far we have always met at the Cafe at Borders – which is fine – for about an hour and then we are on our way.  I don’t really feel like I am getting to know any of the people…and actually, besides myself and the organizer, no one else has really been coming regularly.  The first month it was just the two of us, then the second it was us and a new woman who didn’t return last month (even though the book we read was her choice).  We did have another new woman join us last month and I thought we had a much deeper discussion of the book than previously…but I guess I am not getting what I wanted from it overall.  I guess my goal was to meet new people who also liked to read and maybe forge some friendships through that common interest.  I guess I thought that was what a book group was supposed to be about, really.