Something to Look Forward to

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I love Beth Moore. Her teaching really touches me and her perspective in the Bible studies she leads is always interesting and thought-provoking. I saw her locally several years ago, not long after coming to faith, and her teaching spoke to my heart. I was blessed to find a local women’s Bible study this fall that was doing her study, “Living Beyond Yourself”…which was exactly what I needed (isn’t God cool that way?!?)

Anyway, Beth is a very busy lady and doesn’t speak in our area very much. I had read a few months ago that a local women’s ministry was running a bus trip to see her this summer a few hours away. I wanted to go but didn’t think I could find a friend to go with so I put it out of my mind. But every time I saw something about it, there was a longing in my heart to go. Last week, I received information from this organization in the mail. I said to myself that if there were still tickets available, I was going, even if it was by myself.

There are 8 seats left!

The information didn’t give a price for a single so I emailed. They wrote back this week to say they’ve been looking for someone going by themselves – there is a group of three who’d like a fourth to room with them! What a blessing. I did disclose, however, that I snore, so that could put the kabosh on them wanting to room with me. BUT, regardless, I AM GOING.