Kickin’ It Old School, Olympic Style

I’ve read some negative reviews of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics this week.  The majority focused on the coverage being in the evenings, hours after the events have concluded (and the Olympians are safely tucked in their beds…or living it up, as the case may be!)  Basically, the gist is that NBC needs to get with the times and show everything in real time, as social media is achieving.

A coworker tried to justify it to me, saying it was still fun to watch even if you knew the outcome but I disagree.  I can be convinced that I am watching it live – I am a master at suspending disbelief (which sometimes serves me; sometimes not…but that is another issue entirely.)  My interest and excitement level are just not the same when I already know who won. In fact, I unfollowed one of my favorite ABC news anchors because he was posting results in live time.  I turn away from my phone when it flashes CNN “breaking news” stories.  I literally sat in a conference room today saying, “Lalalalalalalalalalalalala” while coworkers discussed the outcome of the swimming.

It works for me.

And now I’m about to watch Michael Phelps in the men’s 200 fly.  Shhhhhhhh!