Every youth group, we do highs and lows of the week. Here are mine so far:

My cat needs to go on prozac (no, I am not kidding). We go to the vet Saturday to discuss his behavior issues that are literally ruining my house.

My allergies are so bad I can barely breathe. My throat feels like it is closing up and it hurts wickedly.

I got reimbursed for some medical expenses today so I can pay my renters insurance and take the cat to the vet.

Donations are still coming in for workcamp! It is absolutely amazing!

It’s Like It Never Happened

How is it that you go away for some R&R – even to a place where there is no tv, no computer, no cell phone reception – for three days and within a few hours of returning, it’s like you never left?  The same stressors and issues you left behind are right there again, all up in your grill, demanding your attention and your action?


I’ve been trying to come to terms with something that is…well, basically, a miracle

Since February, we have raised over $8,300 for workcamp.

$8,300! In two and a half months!

I totally know that this is a God thing. Even when I started adding up the numbers (which we know is NOT my forte) I thought it would be less than that. But there was a whole lot of work and a whole lot of prayer that went into getting to that sum in this period of time.

Now we need about $2,000 more by May 15th. Anyone got a big tax refund they’re itching to part with?!?!?!?!?!!???


Today was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. I totally lost my cool in a meeting and blew up about a situation that has been bothering me for a long time. It was a culmination of things, really…work being hard (duh, that’s why it’s called work), seemingly endless fundraising for workcamp, and other stressors I can’t go into here.

The thing that bothers me most, or rather the two things, is that my compadres all kind of wrote off my blow up. Like it was ok? Because it was bound to happen? It’s true – I reached my complete limit. It was literally the straw. But for me, it wasn’t ok.

I don’t like me when I act like that.

I came home, went to youth group, came home again, watched “The Last Lecture” and cried literally for two and half hours.

Today, I felt much better, mainly because I feel like I have nothing left. I am a rung out dishrag.