X is for Xavier Roberts

Remember that dude?  The designer/inventor/whatever of the cabbage patch doll.  Cabbage patch dolls were all the rage when I was a kid.  I know I didn’t get one the first year when people had to camp out all night to get one for their child for Christmas (my folks would not have done that!) but I did get one not long after and she was all I had hoped for – red hair, green eyes, a true Irish beauty.  I named her Elizabeth.  I don’t think I played with her all that much (much, probably, to my parents chagrin) but I think that was more because she was to be kept pristine because she would some day be a collectors item (???)  and probably partly because I was starting to outgrow dolls by that time. 
And now she lives in a bag in the attic.
How’s that for X?  (I’m going to finish this if it kills me!)

W is for Wondering

Many things are rolling through my brain these days and these are just a few of my wonderings:
Why is every penny of each paycheck gone before the next one comes?
Why is there always an unexpected expense that comes up when there is no money left?
When will I get to use my frequent flyer miles to go somewhere good and relax?
Should I try eHarmony again?
Should I lead a Bible study this fall, even if interest seems weak?
Why do some people wear so much cologne/perfume?
Why do some people have to spray it in their office? 
Why do I have arthritis in my knee (new development – yippee!)?
What should I put on this week’s meal plan?
What fun do I have planned for the weekend that will carry me through the arduous work week?
Will my body always hurt?
Will I ever get a good night’s sleep?
Why do I feel the need to stay up and watch the Olympics?
Will Bella become a vampire?
When will I get my credit from some books I had to return?
Will it be before the rent check is cashed?
Or I need gas?
Will I make it on a quarter tank of gas until Friday AM? 
What will I do if I run out of gas?
Should I start a part-time business making scrapbooks for people?
Would people buy them?
Could I make some extra cash doing that?
How can I set up a website?
Do I need to make a business plan?
What would my mission statement be?
Do I need a mission statement?
How would I price things?
What is too much?
What is not enough?
Why can’t anyone give Ramona her shot but me?
Can I go home yet?
How could I move my washer/dryer upstairs?
Why did the smoke alarm go off at 1:30 AM Sunday morning and again 15 minutes later?
Will my house burn down now that the smoke alarm is disconnected until the landlord comes?
Will the landlord call me back today?
Will he come tonight to fix it and relieve my paranoid mind?
Should I keep this blog?
Why can’t I write anything interesting on the blog?
Will my friends with little ones have more time for me when the kids are grown?
Is there really something wrong with the wiring in my car?
How much will THAT cost?
Will Tom & Keri’s baby be a boy or a girl?
When will I be motivated to work again?
Will I ever finish this alphabet game on the blog?

V is for Verily, Verily

Ok, so this is weird.  Of course, most of what I write here is weird…
Anyway, in thinking about what to write for V, I kept coming up with three things:  vapid, vacuous, and “verily, verily.”  I hadn’t a clue what verily, verily meant so I looked it up (especially since I could not get it out of my head whenever I thought about ye olde blog).  And so I learned that:
“Verily, Verily” is the KJV translation of the phrase used by Jesus to introduce a strong foundational truth.  It literally means “firm” and signifies that what follows is a trustworthy fact that defines reality. 
Hmmm.  Now to figure out why this keeps ringing in my brain…I’m sure it is somehow directly related to my recent struggles and my need to be studying the Bible more and listening to speakers and such;  I’m just not complete aware of why this particular phrase keeps running through my head.