V is for Verily, Verily

Ok, so this is weird.  Of course, most of what I write here is weird…
Anyway, in thinking about what to write for V, I kept coming up with three things:  vapid, vacuous, and “verily, verily.”  I hadn’t a clue what verily, verily meant so I looked it up (especially since I could not get it out of my head whenever I thought about ye olde blog).  And so I learned that:
“Verily, Verily” is the KJV translation of the phrase used by Jesus to introduce a strong foundational truth.  It literally means “firm” and signifies that what follows is a trustworthy fact that defines reality. 
Hmmm.  Now to figure out why this keeps ringing in my brain…I’m sure it is somehow directly related to my recent struggles and my need to be studying the Bible more and listening to speakers and such;  I’m just not complete aware of why this particular phrase keeps running through my head.

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