One Track Mind

All I can think about is workcamp.  Getting ready for workcamp, making sure we have everything, thinking about how to make the experience the best for the kids and so on and so on and scooby dooby doo.  And it is not yet even time!  I am the queen of the one track mind.
My other one track mind mission is to find some sort of storage cabinet to replace some beat up tool boxes we have been using to store Sunday school supplies.  We don’t have a church building yet – we meet in a Quality Inn – so every week involves a great deal of setup and breakdown.  I have been wracking my brain to see how we can improve…I wanted to build something but have not the time or energy at this point…and as I said, I have a one track mind.  I won’t be satisfied until something is found and I can switch things over into this Sunday while the kids was the new Veggie Tales movie.
Other than that, I’m happy to report I’ve regained some of my motivation for keeping my house somewhat clean and organized.  I think the biggest hurdle was realizing I didn’t have to do everything at once so I have been doing chunks every night.  Seems to help and make it all less overwhelming.  Now if I can just keep up…or trick the teens into doing it for me…

Time to Breathe

I had a very relaxing weekend this weekend for a change. I think I may have to keep that up!

My dad was away at his air force reunion this weekend, so I took Friday off and went up to go “bummin'” with my mom. (That’s what my grandmother used to call it when you just drove around looking at yard sales, etc.) We had lunch, hit a few antique stores, had dinner, ran errands and had ice cream. All and all a grand day.

Saturday I met my friend Kym for lunch and we painted pottery at Color Me Mine. I love doing that! I made a pitcher with sunflowers on it – I hope it turns out! It would be perfect in my kitchen. Then Saturday night, I went over to Michelle’s and scrapbooked with a few people. I was a cropping queen – I cropped almost all my photos from 2000. Now to just get through 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004….I’m afraid to open my box from Snapfish!!!!!

Sunday I taught in the morning and then had a bbq at Michelle and David’s. It was nice to hang out and relax there too. Then I ran home to get ready for youth group. We only had four kids but we got through our lesson plan and got home early, so it was all good. : )

Tonight’s agenda is cleaning…which I worked on last night too but realized it was too daunting a task to finish in one night!!! I need to get rich quick and hire someone to come in!! I was trying to make the youth feel bad so they would come do it but apparently, they are on to me…

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere, Part Deux

So I spent many a long hour over the weekend uploading the remainder of my pictures to Snapfish…639, to be exact!  Holy cow!  I won’t share what the printing bill was but oh my!  But now they are on their way to my house and some of the girls and I are getting together Saturday to scrapbook.  Yay!!!!  That makes me happy.    I can’t wait.  Hopefully, I will do a better job of getting my photos printed in the years to come, so this doesn’t happen again. 
The other thing was that I didn’t look too deeply into Snapfish’s procedures –  I saw where you could click to upload pictures and just started there, one by one.  Today I went on to check on something and saw you can download a quick upload tool.  AAAAAACCCKKKK.  Oh well, it’s only time, right?
On another note, I am helping out at a local VBS at one of our sister churches this week.  It is so much fun!  I am having the best time.  The theme is “Kingdom of the Son” and everything is safari related.  The kids really seem to be enjoying it.  And I was happy to see that some kids from our church came, too.  I’m looking forward to helping again tonight.  Someone commented that I don’t have any down time, especially this week – but the thing is, I love working with the kids, so it isn’t REALLY work then.  It’s just fun!

More kids in need of prayer…

Last month, I posted about Caringbridge and some of the kids with cancer that I follow. Here are three more, in great need of prayers:Colin, who has just found out his cancer is back; Jacob, who just had a very risky surgery last week and has more trials in store; and Molly. For those of you on the East Coast, you may remember a story a few months back in NYC about a commuter killed in a subway accident. This was Molly’s dad, Roly…so not only is the family dealing with Molly’s cancer, they are also dealing with the grief of losing their beloved husband and dad.

I know prayer is powerful…and in these situations, it is all we can do.

Whoo hoo!

I got a new car!  A woodland green, 2003 Subaru Forester!  It is awesome!  I’m been lamenting about the Corolla for some time now – distressed that I was buying it out of a lease and was going to be paying for it forever when I really hated it.  So I decided to swing over to the local Subaru dealer Saturday morning…and four hours later, came home with a new car.  It’s a lot roomier and more comfortable and it’s a smooth ride.  I wish I could be out tooling around in it right now!  This working thing is a DRAG!


Perhaps I have lost my mind.
I am starting to plan our church’s next women’s retreat.  Last year was our first and it was in Cape May, which was great (except that it was February and we had a big snowstorm the night before…but that is another story entirely!).  Our church leadership retreat is also in Cape May, so it has been suggested to me that we instead go to the mountains or such and…camp.
Anyone who knows me knows that this is not something I would come to on my own.  I have never camped, do not like things that crawl, slither, bite, howl or growl in the night.  I don’t like to be cold.  I don’t like to sleep on hard things like the ground.  I seem to recall sleeping out in the tent in Jessica’s backyard as kids and never making it through the night without sneaking inside.
And so, now in my 34th year, here I am, considering camping in the fall for this retreat.  Egads.


Not much new to report.  My house is a disaster area and I can’t seem the time to clean and get things under control.  I’m on complete overload at work at the moment – between juggling when my boss is on vacation and I’m on workcamp, plus a million simultaneous deadlines…I think the only thing to do is allow myself a complete and utter meltdown.  We all deserve one now and again, right?

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere…

On Friday night, my friend Kim hosted a Creative Memories class.  I had gone to one Nancy had about two years ago, got really excited, bought a bunch of stuff, and never did anything with it.  I am a shutterbug, so I have tons of pictures that need permanent homes.  And scrapbooking is so much fun – it’s just finding the time to do it.  Michelle, Kim and I are going to try to start getting together to scrapbook. 
One thing the CM consultant said really hit home with me – you have to get your pictures off your computer and printed out or on CDs in case your pc ever goes bad.  I do have some on CDs but have almost three years worth just stored on my hard drive.  I would be so upset if I lost them.  So Saturday night I decided that rather than save them on a disk, go to Walmart and stand at the machine forever printing, I would upload them all to  The only problem is, as far as I can tell, you have to upload them individually.  I got my 2005’s up quickly (not too many because I thought my camera was broken) and started working on the 239 for 2004.  I still have Sept – Dec to do but I am on my way.    Now I just have to get them printed and sent to me and actually start scrapbooking!
Saturday we had a ladies fellowship picnic at Peace Valley Park.  It is so beautiful there.  It was a really nice afternoon – just relaxing and hanging out.  One of the ladies has a little boat so some people went out on it (not moi, the non-swimmer though).  Then Michelle and I did some shopping to boost my workcamp (read:  clothes I don’t care if I get paint on) wardrobe.  Things are really coming together for that and the kids are excited.  Even I am getting excited.  I told Michelle that if I can survive this, I might even try camping! 
Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day in terms of getting anything done.  I got home from church early, ate lunch and decided a short nap was in order.  Three hours later, I had to go to our church leadership meeting.  So, my house is a wreck, I got nothing done, but oh well!  It was a good nap. 
And now, we are back in the work week.  Sigh… 


And sweltering is the correct term. No AC in my apartment! It is broken – thankfully, someone is coming out tomorrow to look at it because it’s supposed to be 95 degrees Saturday and Sunday. And y’all know I am delicate flower who can’t stand the heat!!!

It’s nice that summer has finally arrived though. My schedule doesn’t really change but there seems to be a more relaxed pace to things. I hung out talking with some friends last night for an hour after dark, and it was just nice to be able to do that!

Well, I’m off to make ice cubes…….

Nascar Nation

I am about to reveal what to some may appear to be a deep, dark secret of mine…
I am part of the Nascar Nation, baby!  I went to my first race yesterday in Dover Delaware with my friend, Michelle.  It took us forever to get there (and longer to get home it seemed) but it was awesome!  It’s great to watch on tv but being there live is really an experience.  It was so cool to see the paratrooper fly in with a flag, the Blue Angels flying over, the cars all lined up.  We were right by the start/finish line in great seats (many thanks to United Electric!)  I missed Jeff Gordon crashing because the heat got to me early on but Michelle was there to relish it.  I was happy to keep an eye on my boy, Dale Jr, even though he didn’t have a great day.  I was also happy to see Mark Martin moving up in the end and finally Greg Biffle win.  It was so cool! 
Now I am trying to recover and rehydrate!  But it was all well worth it.