Pictures, Pictures Everywhere, Part Deux

So I spent many a long hour over the weekend uploading the remainder of my pictures to Snapfish…639, to be exact!  Holy cow!  I won’t share what the printing bill was but oh my!  But now they are on their way to my house and some of the girls and I are getting together Saturday to scrapbook.  Yay!!!!  That makes me happy.    I can’t wait.  Hopefully, I will do a better job of getting my photos printed in the years to come, so this doesn’t happen again. 
The other thing was that I didn’t look too deeply into Snapfish’s procedures –  I saw where you could click to upload pictures and just started there, one by one.  Today I went on to check on something and saw you can download a quick upload tool.  AAAAAACCCKKKK.  Oh well, it’s only time, right?
On another note, I am helping out at a local VBS at one of our sister churches this week.  It is so much fun!  I am having the best time.  The theme is “Kingdom of the Son” and everything is safari related.  The kids really seem to be enjoying it.  And I was happy to see that some kids from our church came, too.  I’m looking forward to helping again tonight.  Someone commented that I don’t have any down time, especially this week – but the thing is, I love working with the kids, so it isn’t REALLY work then.  It’s just fun!

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