Thirteen Random Things on My Mind

1. I can’t believe that the hot topic on the news is Paris Hilton getting out of jail. I’m not sure I agree with it but I also know I’ve not walked in her shoes – and I know that I would probably have just laid in my cell and wept, too. But, that said, I don’t think she deserves 45 minutes on Larry King, while the family of the girl who was kidnapped from the Target parking lot and killed were only on for about 5 minutes. Something is very wrong with that.

2. I really need to clean my house.

3. I really need to post my photos from the Organizing Challenge last month. I did do it – and did it well – and on time – but with all my travel last month, I never got to post the photos!

4. I have been a reading fiend. I haven’t read two of the books on my list (actually, there may be more but I’ll have to double check) but I’ve read A LOT that weren’t on the list. I’ve read almost everything Karen Kingsbury has written. I love her!

5. I wonder if Karen Kingsbury has a blog?

6. We’re finally starting a Beth Moore study at my church this Sunday. I’m leading it with my friend Cindy and I’m very excited. I really think this could be life-changing for people…myself included.

7. I am in need of some life change. I say that all the time, I realize….

8. I finally gave up on the ink stained clothes. I salvaged some of them but some will become workcamp clothes.

9. We’re having a yard sale for workcamp next Saturday. I keep forgetting!! Since it’s at my house, I’d better remember!

10. Melatonin is a beautiful thing. I’d fallen into a very bad habit during all my recent stress and travel of taking my prescription sleep aid or Advil PM virtually every night. My friend’s doctor recommended melatonin for her so I decided to try it again. I had used it years ago; not sure why I stopped. But it does seem to help. So does staying off the computer late!

11. I don’t like conflict. I don’t like people being upset or disappointed in me. But if I feel strongly about something, I will stick to my guns…and deal with the consequences, even when I don’t like them or feel they are just.

12. It’s going to be 93 degrees tomorrow. This makes me ill.

13. For some reason, why I try to type in my email on the laptop, they keyboard doesn’t seem to work right. I type letters and have to hit the keys over and over to get them to show up. It takes forever and it’s annoying. Why does this happen??? It is typing fine here and in Word, but not in email.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Would Like to Make into Habits

1. Getting to bed at a reasonable time.
2. Exercising…whatever shape or form that might be…regularly.
3. Menu planning.
4. Eating healthier meals.
5. Packing my lunch for work.
6. Getting up earlier.
7. Getting up at the same time every day.
8. Cleaning the house – setting up certain chores for certain days and actually completing them all the way…
9. Working on my Beth Moore Bible study
10. Flossing (!)
11. Reading each night before bed (I generally do do this but sometimes I end up watching tv instead or going on the computer, and that is just bad.
12. Deciding what I am going to wear the night before. Sounds silly but saves time!
13. Taking my medicine like I am supposed to instead of waiting until I desperately need it.

I know, that wasn’t a terribly exciting Thirteen. I have some things to blog about but need to get the photos downloaded to do so. Hopefully this weekend!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Am Enjoying My New Job

1. I’m actually busy! I am one of those people who cannot stand to sit around and do nothing when I feel like I SHOULD be doing something – such as in a situation in which someone is paying me to do a job.
2. I’m learning a lot. I’m familiar with the type of projects we’re doing but my role was much more focused in previous employment. This is allowing me an opportunity to utilize a whole new set of skills.
3. It’s a 20 minute commute. This is a such a beautiful thing since my last two jobs took almost an hour.
4. It’s a small office, so it is easy to remember everyone’s names.
5. On my first day, two women took me out to lunch. It was very nice and gave me an opportunity to start out getting to know some people right off the bat.
6. The subject matter is much more diverse than my previous jobs, so in that way too I’m going to learn a lot.
7. That diversity (and the kind in #2) will definitely benefit me in the long run.
8. Did I mention the 20 minute commute?
9. My office is very conveniently located…there are a lot of eateries (ha – I was going to write “restaurants” but they are not all what I would consider a restaurant)and shopping nearby
10. I can get a lot of my weekend errands done during the week now on my lunch hour
11. It is also near my friend Nancy’s house and she has invited me over for lunch one day – how nice!
12. I got my first paycheck today and that was a lovely thing (really, it’s kind of stretch to put that on the list since OF COURSE they’ll be paying me – I’d hope anyway – but it was nice to receive it today!
13. I’ve already started to make some friends. I know more about several people that I work with now than anyone I worked for 10 months with at my previous job. And I think the same is true vice versa. This makes me immensely happy!

Thirteen Reasons I Love My Mama (a belated birthday post)

1. She puts up with me, even when I am crabby & difficult to be around

2. She spends hours on the phone with me, talking about life & world events & who knows what else

3. We like to watch tv together…over the phone

4. She likes Nascar, football & dog shows

5. She loves teddy bears – my old room has been converted into the “Bear Room” . Here they all are on housecleaning day.

6. She loves animals as much as I do and takes care of hers like they were her kids, just like I do. She’s got three dogs and I have three cats…

7. She’s willing to try new things – usually after some cajoling – like working out, eating better, using email & surfing the web, etc. I’m really proud of her for all of these!

8. She’s always supported me, even when she didn’t agree with my decisions.

9. She’s always been there to listen when some of those decisions didn’t QUITE work out as I had planned.

10. She has a great sense of humor. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard, I cry.

11. She can be very focused when she wants/needs to be. I was very concerned about her when she had her hysterectomy but she bounced back like nobody’s business in no time flat. I was totally stunned – and only hope that I will be that way too if I ever need to have major surgery. There were things to be done and she wasn’t letting this “little” thing get her down.

12. She loves my friends and always has.

13. She’s my mama – even though the circumstances weren’t ideal and she was probably very afraid, she had me and loved me for always.

Thanks, Mom! I love you.