Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Would Like to Make into Habits

1. Getting to bed at a reasonable time.
2. Exercising…whatever shape or form that might be…regularly.
3. Menu planning.
4. Eating healthier meals.
5. Packing my lunch for work.
6. Getting up earlier.
7. Getting up at the same time every day.
8. Cleaning the house – setting up certain chores for certain days and actually completing them all the way…
9. Working on my Beth Moore Bible study
10. Flossing (!)
11. Reading each night before bed (I generally do do this but sometimes I end up watching tv instead or going on the computer, and that is just bad.
12. Deciding what I am going to wear the night before. Sounds silly but saves time!
13. Taking my medicine like I am supposed to instead of waiting until I desperately need it.

I know, that wasn’t a terribly exciting Thirteen. I have some things to blog about but need to get the photos downloaded to do so. Hopefully this weekend!

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