Smart Habits Saturday

Last week was a whirlwind. I didn’t do well with any of the habits, so this week, I’m going to just try to maintain. I am really going to try a children’s vitamin – at least I’d be getting something and maybe I could stomach that better. Wish me luck!!

Smart Habits Saturday

It’s been a bad week for the habits.

I totally blew the newest one – as you can see, since I am posting at 1 AM. My week was hectic and it just seemed that the only time I could get online was 10 or later.

The vitamins are out the window. I may try some Flintstones or something and just see. Maybe children’s vitamins would agree with me more.

The others are going fairly well – I may not be completely where I would like to be but I am trying! The weekly home blessing is about 3/4 finished. I got embroiled in much needed laundry-doin’ and didn’t vacuum or dust. But I can do that another night. The menu planning is going well, as long as I remember there is only one of me and I make much more than a meal for one each time…allowing for lunches and leftovers for dinner. The water drinking is much improved but I have also been indulging in some soda, which is in no way good for me.

So for this week, I am going to start fresh – sticking with what I am working on and maintaining.

It’s time for SMART Habits Saturday! I have to admit, I’ve done well with my meal planning and better with my water drinking, but not so hot with the vitamins. I think I only took them once last week. I have such trouble with them making me feel sick; I wonder if some people just can’t take vitamins?

Unfortunately, my Weekly Home Blessing fell by the wayside last week too with the coming of my horrible cols but I did pick up and start it today (and will hopefully finish).

So with these still in play, this week I am going to add another one that may sound odd. No computer time after 10 PM unless it’s an emergency. (Emergency? you are probably wondering…well, I handle the email prayer chain for my church and if I got a call asking for congregational prayer after 10 PM, I would certainly log on and send it out. Or if I had a work deadline I had to make. Other than that, nothing.) I really think that being on the computer stimulates the brain too much and then it’s hard for me to fall asleep. I know this is probably only a very small part of my falling asleep problem but it’s something I want to try.

So there you have it!