Take the 30- Day Organizing Challenge!

I know I’m breaking my after 10 PM no computer rule but I wanted to make sure to get my organizing challenge post up!

My bedroom closet has become quite a problem area. In it, I keep clothing, sheets, blankets, scrapbooking materials, photos, memorabilia, bags/purses, shoes and various other things. The closet is NOT large enough for all this – it’s not even a walk-in closet. But yet, all of it is in there! Here are my before photos:

It’s not pretty.

But it needs to be tackled. And I know that I can do it in the next 30 days. I learned a lot through Laura and her advice for me on taking care of my office and I think I will attack this area in much the same way.

First, I will remove everything – and I mean everything – from the closet. I’m sure it needs to be vacuumed and wiped down, so I’ll do that as well. Then I will sort everything out. Things I absolutely need right now; things to be given away; things to be thrown away; things that need a new home. I want to put shelves or drawers up on the left side (I have drawer on the right already) and get something to help me divide the top shelf up better. I am also considering possibly installing a second shelf up top but that is still up for debate.

So there you have it! Happy organizing to everyone participating in the challenge!

I’m Ready!

Tomorrow begins the 30-day Organizing Challenge over at I’m an Organizing Junkie’s place!

Last time, I was a coward. I wanted to organize my office but was overwhelmed and afraid I couldn’t conquer it in 30 days so I didn’t participate. Laura was a wonderful help to me anyway and encouraged me in my office re-org – and presto! A mere four month later, it’s 2/3rds finished! I’m really very satisfied with the results – everything has a place, clearly labeled, and put away. It’s functional – which is the very best part!

I still need to clean out the closet (but that is not in too bad of shape) and set up my scrapbooking station, but the bulk of it is finished. Yahoo!

And now I am ready for the new 30-day challenge. I have two “trouble” spots I am going to focus on. My bedroom closet and my bathroom medicine cabinet. Let the challenge begin!!