Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Am Enjoying My New Job

1. I’m actually busy! I am one of those people who cannot stand to sit around and do nothing when I feel like I SHOULD be doing something – such as in a situation in which someone is paying me to do a job.
2. I’m learning a lot. I’m familiar with the type of projects we’re doing but my role was much more focused in previous employment. This is allowing me an opportunity to utilize a whole new set of skills.
3. It’s a 20 minute commute. This is a such a beautiful thing since my last two jobs took almost an hour.
4. It’s a small office, so it is easy to remember everyone’s names.
5. On my first day, two women took me out to lunch. It was very nice and gave me an opportunity to start out getting to know some people right off the bat.
6. The subject matter is much more diverse than my previous jobs, so in that way too I’m going to learn a lot.
7. That diversity (and the kind in #2) will definitely benefit me in the long run.
8. Did I mention the 20 minute commute?
9. My office is very conveniently located…there are a lot of eateries (ha – I was going to write “restaurants” but they are not all what I would consider a restaurant)and shopping nearby
10. I can get a lot of my weekend errands done during the week now on my lunch hour
11. It is also near my friend Nancy’s house and she has invited me over for lunch one day – how nice!
12. I got my first paycheck today and that was a lovely thing (really, it’s kind of stretch to put that on the list since OF COURSE they’ll be paying me – I’d hope anyway – but it was nice to receive it today!
13. I’ve already started to make some friends. I know more about several people that I work with now than anyone I worked for 10 months with at my previous job. And I think the same is true vice versa. This makes me immensely happy!

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