Five for Five Meme

I’ve seen this going around the blogosphere for a while now and wanted to play:

Five minutes to yourself. How would you spend them ideally?
1. My first thought is sleep. But I need a whole lot more than 5 minutes!
2. Straightening up some patch of clutter in my house (yay, Flylady! Too bad I don’t follow her advice, as it is good!)
3. Writing out a card I’ve been meaning to write but haven’t gotten around to yet.
4. Snuggling with Norm.
5. Being still.

Five dollars to spend right now. How or where would you spend it?
1. Buy a few things for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox
2. Buy a Starbuck’s double chocolate chip blended creme.
3. Or a chai tea latte.
4. Put it towards the new Karen Kingsbury book, “Family” that just came out.
5. Buy scrapbook materials…paper, stickers…something

Five items in your house you could part with right now?
1. My old cell phones.
2. Junk mail.
3. My bathroom scale.
4. The stuff in the basement that I’ve been “meaning” to take to the thrift store.
5. Can’t think of a 5th…does that make me a pack rat? Probably!

Five items in your house you absolutely, positively could never part with?
1. My spotbot
2. My carpet steam cleaner
3. My DVR
4. My books
5. My pillow

Five words or phrases you love?
“I love you”
“Yo T, where you be?” (always makes me laugh)
“Cold stone creamery”
“Trish the Dish”
“Do you want to come for dinner?” (ah, such sweet words!)

I tag anyone who wants to be tagged!

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