Thirteen Reasons I Love My Mama (a belated birthday post)

1. She puts up with me, even when I am crabby & difficult to be around

2. She spends hours on the phone with me, talking about life & world events & who knows what else

3. We like to watch tv together…over the phone

4. She likes Nascar, football & dog shows

5. She loves teddy bears – my old room has been converted into the “Bear Room” . Here they all are on housecleaning day.

6. She loves animals as much as I do and takes care of hers like they were her kids, just like I do. She’s got three dogs and I have three cats…

7. She’s willing to try new things – usually after some cajoling – like working out, eating better, using email & surfing the web, etc. I’m really proud of her for all of these!

8. She’s always supported me, even when she didn’t agree with my decisions.

9. She’s always been there to listen when some of those decisions didn’t QUITE work out as I had planned.

10. She has a great sense of humor. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard, I cry.

11. She can be very focused when she wants/needs to be. I was very concerned about her when she had her hysterectomy but she bounced back like nobody’s business in no time flat. I was totally stunned – and only hope that I will be that way too if I ever need to have major surgery. There were things to be done and she wasn’t letting this “little” thing get her down.

12. She loves my friends and always has.

13. She’s my mama – even though the circumstances weren’t ideal and she was probably very afraid, she had me and loved me for always.

Thanks, Mom! I love you.

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