Perhaps I have lost my mind.
I am starting to plan our church’s next women’s retreat.  Last year was our first and it was in Cape May, which was great (except that it was February and we had a big snowstorm the night before…but that is another story entirely!).  Our church leadership retreat is also in Cape May, so it has been suggested to me that we instead go to the mountains or such and…camp.
Anyone who knows me knows that this is not something I would come to on my own.  I have never camped, do not like things that crawl, slither, bite, howl or growl in the night.  I don’t like to be cold.  I don’t like to sleep on hard things like the ground.  I seem to recall sleeping out in the tent in Jessica’s backyard as kids and never making it through the night without sneaking inside.
And so, now in my 34th year, here I am, considering camping in the fall for this retreat.  Egads.

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