Nascar Nation

I am about to reveal what to some may appear to be a deep, dark secret of mine…
I am part of the Nascar Nation, baby!  I went to my first race yesterday in Dover Delaware with my friend, Michelle.  It took us forever to get there (and longer to get home it seemed) but it was awesome!  It’s great to watch on tv but being there live is really an experience.  It was so cool to see the paratrooper fly in with a flag, the Blue Angels flying over, the cars all lined up.  We were right by the start/finish line in great seats (many thanks to United Electric!)  I missed Jeff Gordon crashing because the heat got to me early on but Michelle was there to relish it.  I was happy to keep an eye on my boy, Dale Jr, even though he didn’t have a great day.  I was also happy to see Mark Martin moving up in the end and finally Greg Biffle win.  It was so cool! 
Now I am trying to recover and rehydrate!  But it was all well worth it. 

One thought on “Nascar Nation

  1. Say it ain't so, sister? NASCAR? I love fast cars too, but not THOSE fast cars. Aw well. At least you had a good time. And I really shouldn't dis anybody elses ride when mine looks so mangy. Hey, what can I say. Subys last and last, but she no longer looks so great. Maybe if I just paint a racing stipe on it……

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