Pictures, Pictures Everywhere…

On Friday night, my friend Kim hosted a Creative Memories class.  I had gone to one Nancy had about two years ago, got really excited, bought a bunch of stuff, and never did anything with it.  I am a shutterbug, so I have tons of pictures that need permanent homes.  And scrapbooking is so much fun – it’s just finding the time to do it.  Michelle, Kim and I are going to try to start getting together to scrapbook. 
One thing the CM consultant said really hit home with me – you have to get your pictures off your computer and printed out or on CDs in case your pc ever goes bad.  I do have some on CDs but have almost three years worth just stored on my hard drive.  I would be so upset if I lost them.  So Saturday night I decided that rather than save them on a disk, go to Walmart and stand at the machine forever printing, I would upload them all to  The only problem is, as far as I can tell, you have to upload them individually.  I got my 2005’s up quickly (not too many because I thought my camera was broken) and started working on the 239 for 2004.  I still have Sept – Dec to do but I am on my way.    Now I just have to get them printed and sent to me and actually start scrapbooking!
Saturday we had a ladies fellowship picnic at Peace Valley Park.  It is so beautiful there.  It was a really nice afternoon – just relaxing and hanging out.  One of the ladies has a little boat so some people went out on it (not moi, the non-swimmer though).  Then Michelle and I did some shopping to boost my workcamp (read:  clothes I don’t care if I get paint on) wardrobe.  Things are really coming together for that and the kids are excited.  Even I am getting excited.  I told Michelle that if I can survive this, I might even try camping! 
Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day in terms of getting anything done.  I got home from church early, ate lunch and decided a short nap was in order.  Three hours later, I had to go to our church leadership meeting.  So, my house is a wreck, I got nothing done, but oh well!  It was a good nap. 
And now, we are back in the work week.  Sigh… 

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