Friday Feast 102


Name one thing nice that you could do for someone else today.

Hmm. I was hoping to be in hibernation today. I could water my neighbor’s plants for her.


When was the last time you were frightened by the weather?

Last month, we had a great deal of rain and storms daily. We had one very bad on that I was sure was going to end up as a tornado.


What would you say is the most useful website or blog that you visit?

I’ll pick two – and – I check them both all the time!

Main Course

Who was your favorite singer/group when you were a child?

There were many, starting with Shaun Cassidy, then Prince, then I got into harder rock and liked Motley Crue, Dio, Ozzy…


Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?

I have many, but I like to call them routines. : ) Most relate to household chores and taking care of the pets, so I won’t bore you with them all!

The one I am thinking of today and I think I mentioned it in a previous meme is relating to travel (which is currently in the forefront of my mind!) I always take a drink (usually ginger ale) and a can of Pringles Reduced Fat chips on long road trips. I don’t know why but I always do it!

3 thoughts on “Friday Feast 102

  1. I was frightened by the weather a cuple days ago in a hail storm accompanied w/ some serious lightning.


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