Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Love Group Workcamp (

  1. Group handles all the logistics. All you have to do is get your youth to the location. They house you, they feed you, they arrange the homes you are going to be working on – everything!
  2. It gives us a great opportunity for our youth group (and the adults!) to get to know each other better and also meet new people from all over the country (and Canada, too, eh!)
  3. Hard work that helps others is good, honest work.
  4. We get tired. But it’s a good tired. You can’t help but sleep well at night after serving others in this way all day.
  5. They have great evening programs every night that bring both youth and adults closer to God.
  6. They have an awesome program on Thursday night that is designed to make you reflect on your life and your relationship with God…and what needs to change to make them better.
  7. Each day there is a different devotional topic that ties into the week’s theme. We do devotions at lunchtime with our crews on the sites and in the evening with our youth groups.
  8. This year, we had pre-camp devotions as well, that helped set the stage for camp and hopefully helped prepare the hearts of those going with us.
  9. We get to visit places we might never go otherwise. On Wednesday afternoon, we have free time with our youth group to relax and sightsee. Last year, we hung out at a waterfall for the afternoon.
  10. We get to bless people in need through our service.
  11. We get to remember to be thankful for what we have – no matter how much or how little.
  12. Group gives you opportunities to serve in different ways. I had a great time last year working on a house with my crew but this year I chose to volunteer as staff and work with the program team as a photographer. Ultimately, I hope to be trained to be the MC for the evening programs – that would be so much fun!
  13. We get to hear about so many God sightings at camp – all the wonderful and amazing ways He is always at work around us!!!!!!

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