Why Can’t We Have a Five Day Weekend Instead?

I think working two days a week would be quite sufficient.

I have been a busy bee this weekend. I went out to Blues Street BBQ with David, Michelle, the famous one and her friend. When I got home, I decided I was going to do the reading I had been procrastinating on for my course. When I looked at the syllabus, though, it turned out I had to read the whole book! But I forged on and completed it. I went online to take my content test only to find that my dsl had failed me and I was going to have to deal with tech support in the morning.

Which I did, completed the content test and also took another test on the book overall. In that regard, I’m apparently ahead – which is a great feeling! So it is on to unit 4 now, which I hope to complete this week and get back on the suggested one unit a week schedule.

I went to look at a townhouse yesterday. I wasn’t thrilled with it, though it was a nice enough place. It had a little fenced in area in the picture that I was excited about – I really want some place of my own that I can plant flowers and a little vegetable garden and sit and read and relax. The place I am in now is a rental and the woman who lives above me has lived her for 30 years…so it always seems as though this is her property. Plus, with renting, there is little I can do. I have tomatoes growing haphazardly in pots and am trying in vain to grow an eggplant in one as well…though that seems pretty futile right now! Anyway, so I go to this house and step out in the fenced in area…nary a piece of grass or green anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! It was all cement. You sat on cement and stared at your tight fencing. Kym & Trish and I were joking about it today that I could take a jackhammer to it – can you imagine??????????? So that is a no go.

Then last evening, K & I went to fundraiser for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. I found out about it through a local singles group, and it was at a local zoo, so we thought we would check it out. Well, it was hotter than heck, packed with people, lacking animals, and just overall a flop. Though K does want me to point out that some random guy fanned me while I was waiting in line for a drink! But because I totally lack any social interaction skills with members of the opposite sex, that was about it. Oh well – seems like a good organization and one that doesn’t get a great deal of attention, so the admission fee went to a good cause.

Today was another busy day with church and then a jaunt up to my parents neck of the woods. When I got home, I hunkered down and caught up on my homework for a Precept Bible study on the book of Jonah. I only have one day’s work to finish by Tuesday – should be a piece of cake! (Cindy, aren’t you proud?!?!?!?)

Now, here I am finishing up dishes and wash and generally putting my house back together finally after workcamp. I am still tired but feel more normal (ha) this weekend than I did last week. Another day off would serve me well, however. I have to give that some thought – my next planned day off from work is slated for a service project with the youth in the city to help out another church in our denomination that is trying to clean up their neighborhood. Sounds like a good day (twice, I typed “God day” – which it also will be!) and it’ll be nice to serve somewhat locally. I’m thinking and talking to David about starting a once a month day of service – like First Saturday of Service for the youth and anyone else who wants to participate. Then people would know it was going on each month, be able to take off work, etc. if need be to participate. I know there are a lot of places & ways we can serve in the area. I just have to put it in motion and get people on board.

Well, enough for now. Hope you all had wonderful weekends and if you are here in the east, STAY COOL. They are calling for up to 115 degrees on Tuesday/Wednesday. YIKES! We right-coast-ers aren’t used to such things!

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