It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today is absolutely gorgeous! We have summer hours at work and today was my Friday to have the afternoon off. I ran my errands and now I will be able to relax tomorrow and actually enjoy part of the weekend for a change! Yahoo! I’m actually hoping to look at some houses tomorrow. There are two I am interested in, so we shall see. This househunting thing is full of ups and downs…I see something I like online, I get excited, then I wait for my agent to setup an appointment. I get excited again, I go to see it, then I am (thus far) disappointed. I found a checklist online that you can take with you so you make sure that you are getting everything you want in the home before you make an offer. I think I’ll start using that; it might help some.

Some of you have been asking about Ramona. So far, the insulin shots are going…okay. Not great – she doesn’t like to hold still – but she is at least tolerating them. I don’t think they hurt her. Starting Saturday, though, I have to give them to her twice a day (morning and evening) and I think that might be more of a challenge. But I will do my best and hope it makes her feel better! Nellie, however, thinks I am evil now and hides all day from me. The only time she comes out is at night when I am safely in bed. I guess she realizes that at that point, I’m not getting out to chase her down and do anything to her. I hope she never needs shots! It definitely won’t happen with her.

Well, I’ve got a few things to get done before I get together with some girlfriends tonight, so tata for now!

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