Dumb Bunny

I am a dumb bunny.

I had my half day yesterday and ran a bunch of errands before meeting up with Nancy & Michelle. One of my errands was to the local Christian bookstore to pick up a new curriculum for the preschool class at church…but I cannot enter a bookstore and leave simply with what I came for. Oh, no! I have to go an look and see if my favorite authors have put out any new books this summer. Two of them had – but I did manage to exert a tiny bit of self-control and only bought one – the new Yada Yada Prayer Group book. I absolutely love this series! And there was no way I was passing this one up.

I got home around 10:30 and spent some time cleaning up the house a bit, then tucked myself into bed with the book. At 2 AM, I decided I probably should stop reading and get some shut eye. And now, I am paying for it!!!! I looked at a house this afternoon and ran some errands, then spent a few hours completing some overdue church tasks…and I am exhausted. Yet, I think a bowl of ice cream and the Yadas are calling my name!

And you know I won’t sleep until it’s finished this time!

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