I need a vacation.
A nice, long, relaxing, get away from everything and don’t worry about a thing kind of vacation.
But alas, there is no cash for such a journey, so my longing remains unfulfilled. 
Yesterday is kind of a blur.  I didn’t have to teach but spent a lot of time observing some of the classes and seeing how things were going.  I was really very pleased to see that the kids all seemed well-behaved and things seemed to be going well overall.  In my online course, the instructor said that one of your goals with any work you do should be to “leave things better than when you got them”.  I think I finally feel comfortable enough to say that things are better now than ever in terms of children’s ministry. Wow!  When I first took over, a Children’s Ministry Director from another church told me it would probably be three years before I felt like I had a handle on things and new what I was doing…she was just about right, too.
After church, I headed up north to deliver some meals to a family.  The husband’s mother just died last week, suddenly at 58.  What a shame – and there is so much strife and division in the family, it just making things more and more challenging for everyone.
Then off to JoAnn’s in search of the perfect scrapbook for my workcamp photos…but alas, none seemed right. 
So onward home for lunch and “Drumline”, followed by “Remember the Titans” and “The Ron Clark Story”.  In between, the kitchen got cleaned and reorganized (somewhat), the flowerbed kind of got weeded, the vegetable “garden” planters got tossed, the bird feeders got filled, the bedroom got straightened up, birthday presents were wrapped (Kim – Emma’s are FINALLY on the way…two months late…sorry!!!) and cards were made. 
Still a great deal to get done but at least I feel like I accomplished a lot of things I have been putting off!

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