Finally, Fun was Found!

This weekend, while Michelle & David were at the race in Bristol, I had promised Sarah some fun – and hoped to get some myself as well! The first part of our fun was a surprise – we met up with Robert & his daughter, Emily, in Exton and Emily & Sarah & I had dinner together and then they both slept over at my place Friday night. Saturday morning, it was off to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! I hadn’t been in a couple of years but always loved it when I went with my folks in the past, so I thought the girls might enjoy it. And enjoy it they did…especially this fellow…a little Orlando Bloom-ish, eh?

Some other fun highlights…running into Trish & Jack & the boys, the mud pit, the Mud Fairy, the fire-eating Fool, the pickles-on-a-stick, the huge turkey legs and of course, funnel cake!

Boys & their toys…

Laughing at the Mud Pit

A Mud Pitt-ian and the Mud Fairy, sculpting

The fire-eating Fool

Pickle, stick…you do the math

Holy turkey leg, Batman!

We left tired…but happy!

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