Thirteen Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

Thirteen Things That Are Making Me Happy Today1. I am off from work for the next four days!
2. I only have a couple of things planned for that time so I won’t spend it all running all over creation like usual!
3. I had an appt this afternoon that went well and made me very happy and might lead to further happiness. I’m feeling very hopeful about it.
4. Ramona is feeling better and acting much more normal and friendly. She even came out to visit with Emily & Sarah on Friday.
5. Did I mention I’m off for the next four days?!!??
6. I cut my hair today before my appt – there was no other way – and I don’t look like a freak! I had flashbacks to being 5 and cutting my hair while I was doing it…only this time I didn’t cut off three inches and hide the evidence in the bookshelves!
7. I finally finished the children’s ministry schedule & orders of service for September. We’re starting new curricula in two classes and I was trying to figure that all out.
8. Our new pastor has arrived! Our bishop is doing a commissioning service Sunday and then he’ll be in action. This is a great relief!
9. We got out women’s retreat invites out on Sunday and people are excited! I’m already receiving responses back, which is wonderful. I’m praying for a great turnout.
10. I don’t have to go to work for FOUR DAYS. FOUR!
11. I am planning to get some things done around the house this weekend that I haven’t had the time or energy for. As fall approaches, the fibro cannot be far behind. I have to take my less painful days and energy as it comes. And so far, so good!
12. I can sleep in a few of those days. And NAP. Nap, nap, nap.
13. I’m having lunch with a friend tomorrow and dinner with other friends…so no cooking for me. Yahoo!

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