Tuesday Treasure

Yes, I do know that it’s really Wednesday but I have wanted to post this for a while and haven’t been able to…so pretend it’s Tuesday!

My treasure this week is an odd one to some. It’s my stress ball collection. It started quite harmlessly – a squeezy red blood cell someone gave me from a trade show they went to. Then a head you could squish…then suddenly a pig arrived, then a cow…then the whole thing took on a life of its own! It became a challenge for my coworkers to bring me the coolest one back from their travels. The collection has blossomed to include:

  • Two tropical fish (one pink/blue and one yellow/blue)
  • A Commerce Bank “C”
  • The cow
  • A brick
  • Two heads
  • A hippo
  • A pig
  • A pyramid
  • A computer with arms & legs
  • A globe
  • The red blood cell
  • A heart (the real internal organ type)
  • Two brains
  • A liver with gallbladder attached (by far the grossest!)
  • A kidney
  • An airplane (famously stolen by a friend from her son at a Christmas party)
  • A train
  • A buffalo…my latest addition

I don’t actually use these – they are more for the people visiting my office. In the old place, they sat right on the front my desk across from my guest chair, the perfect location and conversation starter. Now they sit on a bookshelf, next to the guest chair. Not having many guests, however, it’s not been as much of a conversation starter as I had hoped.

But it makes me happy. It reminds me of my dear friends and how nice it always is to receive a gift for no reason. : )

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