Up in the Air

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 25}

Business travel seems very glamorous…unless you are the one doing it. Dealing with long lines and ridiculous security procedures at the airport. Lugging your jam-packed luggage up stairs because your connection is too tight for you to wait on the escalator. Queuing up like cattle to board your flight, despite having assigned seats, to ensure your luggage gets on with you. Dealing with cranky fellow passengers and often…um…odd behavior from your seat mates. (Considering taking your shoes and socks off? No, just no.) the list of inconveniences and irritations that arise can go on and on.

I used to get very stressed as my trips approached. I would worry about all all manner of things, to the point of dreading it. On one occasion, I had shared my anticipatory distress at a church group and I’ll never forget the pastor’s response, “I’ll pray for you to be blessed but also for you to be a blessing to those you encounter.” That little statement helped me readjust my thoughts about traveling, and it’s something I pray before every trip – and I’ve never been disappointed.

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