Keeping Commitments

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 24}

I am weary down into my bones but it feels like a good tired, the kind you earn.

I was up early to pick up a rental car, then a colleague, to drive to an all day workshop an hour away. When I got back, I had to drop off the car and pick mine up; then I had to deal with the low tire pressure light that’s been on all week. I tried, in my work clothes, to figure out how to check and add air but quickly gave up and dropped in to a tire shop where they did it for free and sent me on my way. Next, I had some errands to run for my church’s for middle and high school youth gathering – and then on to that for a few hours. Grocery store on the way home and now I’m lying my my couch, bone tired.

But I committed to this challenge, just as I did so to my busy day. The last 24 days have been sometimes trying but always humbling. And moreover, have encouraged me and reminded me that I CAN do this. And so here I am, under the wire, typing this on my phone and grinning, as I start thinking of what I’ll write when my 31st day is complete.

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