The Best Laid Plans

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 4}

I got up early this morning to go see a sweet girl play soccer.

Last night, as the rain fell, I harbored a slight, albeit wrong, hope that the fields would be too wet to play today and I’d have the luxury of returning to my bed.  I held onto this hope as the clock passed midnight, one, one-thirty, and I still lie awake.  But when my alarm sounded, no email had come and out of bed I rose.

I had high hopes of making myself a hearty breakfast but those dreams were replaced by sitting quietly with a chai latte, wondering if it was actually possible I was considering going out in public without washing my hair for the second day in a row.  It was more certainly possible, as my slow-pokedness precluded any other option.  I quickly got dressed, checked my email once more, and headed to the car.  For some reason, I left my phone on the passenger’s seat instead of in my purse and partway to the fields, I saw an email from this precious girl’s  mom pop up:  “Fields closed.”

She was wildly apologetic and, by this time, I was more bummed to not get to see her play today than having gotten up early for nothing.  I decided to head over to my credit union to see if they could help me with something and wrote a quick note back to let her know I had gotten the email and I’d be there next week instead.

The credit union wasn’t open yet and I waited a few minutes in my car as others arrived with the same plans.  A line formed at the door so I joined in, approaching my task with a bit of apprehension – I had not had very much luck in my dealings with the credit union in the past and I did not have much hope for today’s mission.  But I had to at least try.  Though I had had the best intentions, I had never actually managed to get my rent check into the mail this week as I should have, realizing yesterday that I also had no stamps, yada yada.  My mission today was to see if the credit union would allow a person-to-person transfer without my landlord being present (which they had previously told me over the phone was necessary) and without access to her account number (because why in the world would you give a tenant your account number?!?)

Second in line, I approached the teller who summoned me.  I knew immediately that this was not your ordinary lady.  Her blouse was flashing.  Not flashy, but quite literally lighting up in several spots.  She also had a little solar-powered dancing daisy, the same that my best friend had gotten me recently.  She greeted me pleasantly, all the while helping two interns who had just arrived for their day.  I explained briefly and, if I’m honest, somewhat half-heartedly, my hope and intention.  She didn’t pause for a moment and said immediately that she thought we could find a way to work it all out.  Within moments, the transfer was about to go through.

“Oh lawd, honey, they taking all your money!” she said kindly.  I laughed and agreed.  But what she said next was the most perfect thing, “But at least you’ve got a roof over your head!”

So true and so right;  just the reminder I needed today…and all because of an early wake up call and canceled plans.

2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

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  2. Oh Tricia, I love this. How awesome. I am so glad you have that roof over your head AND that the transaction went through without a hitch. Doesn’t it amaze you the sovereign hand of God at times swings in the direction of ordaining that which should not go to go…and other times not? All to beyond me, except to be thankful when it does (and doesn’t as well). I love the image of being “slow-poked” ! That is me today…lol. And it is a rainy day here, in RI as well…hope your day includes some relax time! Thanks so much for jumping in on my ambitious feed on Facebook! I am having a great time reading , BUT lordy, I had know idea so many would chime in. What was a cup of tea and a few posts is now a MISSION! Happy writing, following you and will be back over to read more…at some point! ;lol

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