So Monday got off to a great start with a stabbing pain in my side, right under my ribs. I could not stand up straight for the pain so I called the doctor & got in an emergency slot…only to be told my stomach is “twitchy” anyway and if the pain doesn't subside in two weeks to come back & get an ultrasound. Twitchy??? For pity's sake. (and yes, it still hurts but not as intensely.

Last night was our first bible study of the new year and I thought it went well. I came home and started doing some things around the house and encountered a huge spider in the basement. If you know me, you know arachnids are not my friends so I was all twitchy about that all night (and am afraid to go back down even now.). Then about half an hour after going to bed, I woke up in a completely agitated state. I think this was a combination of my lovely neighbor doing wash at midnight (again…though sometimes it is at 4, so I guess I was lucky) and drying on the cycle that buzzes every five minutes until apparently the end of time plus Norman desperately trying to kill Ramona and Nellie. Plus probably my thoughts on the arachnid…so it was not a good night.

Here's hoping tonight is better-i am exhausted.

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