Cry Me a River

I am so exhausted I could just cry.  I want to go home & go right to bed but I know that is not going to happen (and even if it did, I would be up by 3 AM and really, what good would that do anyone?)
I ran out at lunch to get a Pollyanna gift for my work Christmas party this weekend and stopped by Starbucks.  I don’t know what it is about Starbucks but they never have the decaf frappachino mix made up.  I just flat out asked her today if no one ever asks for it but me in the surrounding 10 miles because there are three in the area and I’ve encountered this numerous times at two out of the three.  I understand my need for no caffeine is unsettling to most people, apparently most unsettling to the barista.  But come on!  So she graciously (not) made me some kind of concotion she thought would be similar.  It was not and tasted horrible…and now I am mad.  (Actually, I was probably mad before, at myself primarily, for agreeing to do this Pollyanna thing when I know I have no money and there is no sentimental or other value to be provided through this gift to a person I barely – seriously, barely – know.  But that is a whole ‘nother ball of wax, surely going back to inate ability to not be able to say no to anything.)

2 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. i'm so sorry! we always have decaf mix and i wish you lived here so i can make one for you! do you like the creme based drinks? they are pretty good and you can add a decaf shot of espresso blended in, too (with syrup of course!)

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