Full Moon Rising

It was a good weekend.  I got a lot done yesterday, including reorganizing all my scrapbooking supplies (yes, I know you are all so envious of my ever exciting life!)  I watched We are Marshall while doing it and cried myself silly.  Today I got up early to work on my Sunday school lesson.  I had it all finished Thursday but decided overnight to rework it, which made me late for church and gave me no opportunity to talk to anyone before or after.  I got to take a 6 year old friend home, so we went to Pizza Hut and ate some yummy breadsticks and stuffed crush pizza (yuck, by the way…I couldn’t stomach the crust.)  Then I came home and watched Dale (finally…though I missed the first half hour) and cried some more.  Then I napped, only to be woken by a very sick cat and some carpets to be cleaned.  I called my mom re the sick cat, only to learn that my dad fell off a ladder today and hit his head on a cement paver.  He had no memory of the accident or anything else that morning for about an hour – yet they didn’t go to the hospital which is making me absolutely insane.  Apparently, he seems ok but his back and chest hurt.  I am praying there is nothing else wrong with him.  I would have wanted to get him checked out just in case….
Back to work tomorrow.  I am hoping to get in a new routine and back on track with my nutrition & exercise plan.  I’ve done ok the last few days (minus the pizza!)  We shall see.

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