Rock Bottom

Friday was a bad day – my finances have gone south again and I was feeling desperate for some way to rectify the mess. I put it all aside last night for a party with my youth and that was a great time. We had a lot of cool things planned that the torrential rains put a damper (haha) on but I think everyone had fun anyway.

It was late until I went to bed and then I slept in this morning. I had high hopes of doing some heavy cleaning today but I could not get myself motivated. I finished The Time Travelers Wife (though you’ll have to wait for that review, because I am simply not up for it at the moment.) I finally got myself into the shower and moving around 4 PM; did some errands, cooked a meal for someone at church and made my dinner…then I half-hearted cleaned and put out the fall decorations.

And then I decided that I had to do something about the finances and put 21 books up for sale on eBay. I hate selling books but I feel like these are books I can part with without too much distress…now I just have to pray they sell.

Then I started searching for part-time work from home options. I’ve seen a couple things that are interesting and a few that do not seem at all worth my while. We shall see where this leads…

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