What I Don’t Understand Is…

Why I get my second wind (and get hungry) at about 10:45 PM every night
Why some of my books aren’t selling on the auction site
Why my shipping options didn’t come up like I thought and I had to field a billion questions in that regard yesterday
Why Norman must whine every night at the basement door
Why some people thrive on doing everything at the last minute
Why some people don’t understand why I don’t thrive on doing things at the last minute
Why my neighbor makes so much noise
Why I insist on hitting snooze about 6 times each morning instead of just setting my alarm later
Why I hit the snooze 6 times and then am ALWAYS late
Why the laundry doesn’t wash itself
Why the kitchen floor doesn’t wash itself
Why I can never remember what time WindTunnel is on
What the Red Army do with all their gear when Jr’s new ride is green (but at least I’ll be able to wear his gear without promoting beer now – not a good idea when you are teaching Sunday School!)

One thought on “What I Don’t Understand Is…

  1. I also repeatedly pushe the snooze button rather than setting the alarm later and taking in the extra sleep. The thought of jumping out of bed when the alarm goes off is terrible! I need to rise slowly!

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