How was YOUR weekend?

Mine was great. I didn’t have anything I “had” to do on Saturday this week, so I ran a few errands and relaxed. Then I went to a picnic at my friend Kristin’s house and got to see all my peeps! Liz & Slim, Michael & Jenn, Tom & Keri, Kristin & Matt, and Maryanne. It was a really nice time – it was great to see Kristin & Matt’s new place. And nice too that they don’t live far from me now!

Sunday was good, too. Cindy & Michelle talked about their trip to Israel at church. I’ve heard pieces of their trip before and saw Cindy’s pictures but the context they put everything in was very cool. As I was sitting there next to Trish, I was thinking to lean over and say, “Let’s start saving now!” to go on the trip…and it was so funny, afterwards we were talking to Cindy and Trish turned and said, “I’ve decided that you & I should go on this trip.” Great minds think alike.

Onto our first church picnic of the year. We had a great turnout and it was just a lovely afternoon. But I started to feel bad – I had woken up with a headache and during the picnic, it appeared to be fast turning into a sinus infection.

We went to Bible study after. Everyone was a little quiet but I think the discussion we had was good. By then, I was feeling rather poorly and was grateful to get home to my bed.

Today was back to work. Funny thing, when you come to work sick in the health care industry – people harass you until you call the dr. He wouldn’t call anything in so I had to leave early to go to the office, have him poke me in the head & face and declare that I indeed had a sinus infection. Two cool things though – I am very concerned about cash these days and had asked him for samples. He didn’t have any and immediately sent my scripts through his PDA to Walmart (first cool thing) where I had heard they had $4 generics. I drove over and found MY PRESCRIPTIONS WERE NO CHARGE. I was so happy.

I came home, took my meds and got in bed for the next two hours. I don’t think I slept but I did rest and then got up, made dinner and have been trying to get things done around the house.

Now thunderstorms cometh…so I am going to log off. TTFN!

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