My New Addiction

Ok, so I think I have truly lost my mind.

In becoming once again addicted to the World Series of Pop Culture (which, by the way, I so could totally win…if not for those totally crazy tie breaker questions), I have also added a new addiction.

I am so not into reality show competitions like Survivor or the Amazing Race…but give me a pop culture icon of my childhood and I just CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. Whenever I have some downtime just to veg out and watch tv for a while, I get entranced by “Hogan Knows Best”, “Simmons Family Jewels” and now…”Scott Baio is 45…and Single”.

Oh, goodness.

I don’t think I had a crush on him as a kid but I think I always thought he was cute.

Well, he’s still cute.

And the premise of the show is pretty interesting. I’ve only seen the first episode (now about 4 times since Wednesday at about 1 AM, when I found this amazing spectacle) but he gets a life coach to find out why he is unable to commit to a woman. I won’t spoil it thus far but I have to say I’m interestd to see how it all turns out. There’s a lot of joking around, a fair degree of bawdyness, but underneath it all there is a great deal of truth here. We always think of celebrities as having all this money and these perfect lives…but they are just like all of us, deep down. They have insecurities and worries and…real lives.

I’m rooting for you, Scott Baio!

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