An Interesting Week

It has been an interesting week. 
I signed up, again, for an online dating service I had tried previously. And honestly, the reason I decided to try it again was because there is ANOTHER service who is showing ads that are supposedly negative towards the service I chose…but because of the content THEY showed, I thought, “Ha!  I want to try the one they are bashing again.”
So, long story short, my pals at work & Michelle helped me get my profile and some current pics up.  I decided to be aggressive (“be, be aggressive, hey!” – I always think if that Goldie Hawn movie when I say that) and open communication with a lot of guys.  Unless there is something patently wrong with the match we would make, I’m willing to give it a shot.
Yesterday, I had the two best so far.  One, who indicated for no particular reason that he has “a great butt” and is also a good kisser.  Yeah, ok…
And then one who had an age listed that was about 14 years older than me but in his profile wrote in addition to that, he was really 10 more years older (that is so not grammatically correct!) but because he wanted a woman who could bear children, he needed to lie and put a younger age.  Oh, yeah, and if you want to milk cows on the farm, that’s great too. 
I think that one takes the cake.
But on a more positive note, I got an email from an online alumni service I belong to.  Usually I just ignore these but because I was deadly bored and looking for anything to do, I clicked on it. 
And I had a MESSAGE.
Yes, a message for me. 
I’ve never had a message on there before.
And this was just the sweetest ever.
It was from, literally, the boy next door.  We grew up together and were always very good and close friends.  When we entered our high school years and he started dating seriously, we kind of drifted apart.  I don’t recall if we moved first or if his family did but we really didn’t keep in touch after that. 
His message was so sweet.  He just said he was thinking of me and although he didn’t think I would get the message, he wanted to tell me that I was his best friend and his first true love when we were growing up.
I did send him an email back, giving him my regular email address so we shall see if I hear from him again.  It would be great to catch up.
It’s interesting that he is not the first to send me an email like that.  I’ve had one college boyfriend email me and tell me he was sorry for being a complete…well, idiot is the nice thing to say back when we were dating.  No further communication, even after I wrote back that it was all water under the bridge.  Another college boyfriend posted on his blog (which he has since taken down…after getting married…) that I was his first true love.  And then was the boyfriend from Scotland who called me in the middle of the night the night before his wedding to lament our not being together. 
This is all well & good…really, it does make me feel good overall…but it makes me wonder why I’m not yet someone’s last true love of life.

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