Ink Blots

Today was an odd day. I was the only one in our suite all day, which makes me a bit paranoid and slightly lonely. By the end of the day, after eating what I suspect might have been a bad corned beef sandwich, I was feeling pretty poorly. I came home and laid down a bit before home group and since I go home have been catching up on voicemails via email (because, of course, it’s too late to call people back) and drowning my ink stained clothing in Lestoil. This stuff is wicked. It smells like I am pouring some high octane solvent on them. I will say that the 100% cotton clothes came out fine but some of the mixed blends are still struggling. I’ve doused them a second time and had them sitting in the washer for about 20 minutes now – soon to wash AGAIN in hot water in hopes of getting out the fateful ink stains for good.

I don’t think I am drying anything tonight – I’m still somewhat afraid of blowing up the house since I used nail polish remover IN THE DRYER to remove the ink stains, even though I rinsed it out well and it in no way smells like nail polish remover any more. Although, technically, the Lestoil may have killed my sense of smell for all time. I think my eyes are still watering from it.


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