Mamacita called tonight to tell me of some thievery in the night. Some…well, I can think of no better word than JERKS stole some of her plants and planters last night, including some pots my Grammy gave her. They tried to steal a wrought iron plant stand that I believe was also my Grammy’s but thankfully, my mom had asked my dad to cement the base. It proved wise and too difficult for these thieves. Apparently, they also stole 90 (yes, 90) hanging plant baskets from a greenhouse a few doors down.

I’m fairly certain this was an inside job by somebody local who knows the routine around there. It was trash night, so some things that might have been cues to my folks, the greenhouse owners and other neighbors (dogs barking, driveway alarms going off, car doors slamming), were just written off as the trash men coming & going. It bothers me that they came right up to their house – on a VERY busy road, mind you (so where was their vehicle???), and stole these things from the front yard. The FRONT YARD, for Pete’s sake. I’m not concerned about someone breaking in or anything because frankly, the three ginormous dogs who reside there would literally rip someone limb from limb if someone came in unexpectedly…but I once again find myself disappointed in humankind. This is a small, quiet almost rural community. My parents take great pride in their landscaping and planting makes my mom very happy – in fact, we spent all of last Tuesday driving from nursery to nursery looking for just the right flowers. The whole thing makes me mad and sad at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Grrrrrr

  1. Thank you. She is still feeling badly about it all and worried but did do some replanting this weekend. I just hope it does not happen again.

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