Because I Promised

I can’t believe the long weekend is coming to a close. 😦

It’s been a hectic weekend to some degree (and really, it wouldn’t be MY life if it wasn’t!) but I had some downtime yesterday and today. Friday night Michelle & David came over for dinner on the grill then we drove up to a nearby campsite to see how much it would cost them to camp there. I said I loved it because I could come up and hang out all day but then sleep in my own bed! On the way home, we caught the annual fireworks in my town and as usual, they did not disappoint!

Saturday AM found me at a pastoral management team meeting. I ran some errands and took care of some things at home and in the evening, went with David, Michelle & their daughter Sarah & her friend Nina to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Gotta love Johnny Depp…and Orlando Bloom is quite pretty too! I liked this one better than number 2 but number 1 is still my favorite.

Yesterday we had Fun Day at church for all our Children’s Ministry classes – moonbounce, water ice, chicken chuck, facepainting – the works! My friend’s dad who is a firefighter came out as well to talk to the kids. He was a big hit! I had a nap in the afternoon and then settled in to watch the Coca Cola 600. Yay, Casey Mears!

Today got off to a slow start. My upstairs neighbor is an EMT and keeps odd hours and has, as of late, been doing his wash in the middle of the night – complete with the dryer buzzing time and time again. It’s really quite maddening, especially at 4:30 AM. So I stayed in bed late this morning and then started on my lengthy to do list. I got my flowers planted, finally, and took care of a few other odds and ends. In the midst, I got another added – I left a pen in my pocket and it went through the wash and left INK all over my clothes and the dryer. I used nail polish removed to get most of the ink out of the dryer but the clothes aren’t fairing as well. Mamacita said lystol is the answer, so I’ll have to snag a bottle and give it a try.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind for me. I really need a vacation – a real one!

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