Another Weekend Flew By

Another busy weekend is winding down. Friday I ended up working late and then Michelle called to say let’s go to Lobsterfest…and well, who can turn THAT down. I got a ridiculously expensive meal with lots of lobster and was quite in heaven. Then I got up the crack of dawn yesterday to drive up to our state’s capitol for my denomination’s general conference. It was a long ride but we had some good conversations (I just typed “God conversations”, which they really were as well) and the conference was good. We saw our old pastor and it was really great to spend even a little bit of time with him. With all that is going on, I really do miss him.

Then off to Fuddrucker’s for a wonderful burger (but odd service – what’s up with the self-serve thing? Weird.) and then on home. I had to do the church bulletins, other copying and prepare to teach Sunday school today. I was so totally exhausted that I was actually in bed by 8:45, which is completely unheard of!!

Today I taught Sunday school, then ran home for a wee bit, then out again to see one of my youth in the local high school’s production of “Peter Pan”. I love Peter Pan. It was quite well done – and a great shout out to my favorite Indian, Kristin! Good job, girlfriend!

Now I am finally in for the evening, making dinner and procrastinating. Blogging is a very good thing to do when you want to procrastinate. What I really should be doing is laundry and preparing for a presentation I am giving tomorrow. I was first told there would be 30 people in my session; we are now up to 120 and I’ve never done this before. The slides are ready, my speaker notes are finished, and I am just nervous. I need to run through it a couple times tonight but I am determined not to go crazy over this. I am just praying for calm and clarity in what I am presenting.

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