Cutting Back

Today, I took the plunge.

I cut back on my cell phone extras – down to the bare minimum now.

And then, the unthinkable.

I got rid of my digital cable and DVR.

Oh, yes, I did.

And I bet I will live to tell the tale.

Money is tight. Money is always tight and I am terribly tired of this state of affairs. But it came to a head a few weeks ago when, still several days away from pay day, I was down to $2.31 in my checking account.

This is bad, bad, bad. I know.

But with enormous student loans, rent, car payment, utlities, and so on, things are often not so pretty around here. I do the best I can and most times am able to keep my head above water. But I had fallen a bit behind with said student loans and the only way to get caught up was to use every cent. I’m still not totally caught up but should be with next pay.

It’s really ridiculous. I have a good job (which I should, considering the student loans!) but I cannot seem to get ahead or get a handle on budgeting. I know there is no way on this earth I could take on a part-time job outside the home but thankfully I do have a lead on something I can do in my “free” time that will make a couple bucks now and again.

And so, it is time to try to cut corners, do what I can, see where I end up!

2 thoughts on “Cutting Back

  1. Oh, I hear ya' Tricia! It's amazing how quickly the paycheck can go…we have to cut back, also.
    Already, I have to limit myself to one mocha per paycheck…and basically don't go clothes shopping for myself at all. However, I bet I could once in awhile if we got rid of the Satelite…but, I am just not ready for that one quite yet! 😉
    Good for you for being seeing what you needed to cut back on and going ahead and doing it!

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