Better late than never!

So, the update on my new habits:

Vitamins – not so good this week. I need to eat them with breakfast in order for them not to keep me awake at night, apparently, but my breakfast habits are sporadic at best…so I think I only had them once this week.

Water – I am actually doing much better with this one. It’s not always water I am drinking (sometimes hot chocolate, chai tea, caffeine free soda) but I am definitely taking in my fluids. And I am definitely drinking more water by having the bottles here in the house.

Menu planning – I started Menu Plan Monday last week and did fairly well. I ended up switching one of my meals but stuck with it for the most part.

So this week…hmm. I need to focus more on my home and things like wash and dishes. These are the first things I toss by the wayside when I am busy and I know it can’t go on this way. To help, this week my habit will be to implement
FlyLady’s Weekly Home Blessing Hour. I’ve tried FlyLady before and think it is great way to jumpstart and get back into the habit of cleaning, etc. And so it is time to get back on track! I’m setting Monday as my Weekly Blessing day.

For more Smart Habits Saturday ideas, visit the Lazy Organizer!

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  1. Those dishes and laundry never get “caught up” do they! We need to be kinder to ourselves and tell ourselves that we are doing well, noone else will!

  2. I used Flylady for a long time. I really developed most of the habits, but the emails started to bother me, so I left.. Still use her calendar and find that helps me track what's happening!

  3. I looked at FLYLADY and yes, those emails really bothered me to. I'll have to look at the Blessing Hour thing you mentioned.

    Oh – thanks for stoppping by with the encouraging words on my SHS post – I really appreciate it!

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