Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Blog

1. I love to write. And even if it’s only little dribs and drabs about my every day adventures, it’s still writing.
2. I always liked to read other people’s blogs and thought it was a neat way to keep in touch.
3. I’m terrible about the phone. There are only a few I talk to for any length of time. I’m much better about writing…back in the day, letters…today, the blog.
4. It’s a great way to share photos.
5. It gives me an outlet to vent.
6. It gives me an opportunity to share things I might not otherwise…a degree of separation. It’s easier sometimes to say something to “the internet” than it is to say it to a real, live person.
7. It keeps people I don’t see or talk to all the time current with what’s been going on in my life.
8. It’s been a neat way to meet other people. There are a lot of cool folks out here in the blogosphere – who I never would have encountered otherwise.
9. There are a lot of bloggers who inspire me and I hope that in some small way, I might someday inspire someone else.
10. I’ve gotten involved with some online activities that I woudln’t have otherwise, like reading the Bible in 90 days along with some other great bloggers and a new online book club.
11. I’ve been encouraged by people’s comments, understanding, and support.
12. Prompts like Thursday Thirteen and Friday’s Feast make me think and write about things I might not otherwise.
13. It gives me something to do besides watching tv : )

One thought on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I enjoy blogging for most of the same reasons, and am enjoying yours tonight. Popped over from Susie's blog on a “night out in Bloggityville” – where I try to visit a few new blogs.

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