Ok, I love Grey’s Anatomy. They had me at hello, so to speak. But tonight…well. (Stop reading now if you Tivo’ed the episode – it’s a spoiler!)

It started off well enough. I cried some ugly tears when Meredith went under for the last time, when Izzie was scared and trying to figure out how to help her patient, when the little girl pointed Derek to the black, cold water.

I was on edge as Derek worked on her and as everyone was being paged. I was moved by Bailey and the Chief and even Addison. McSteamy brought tears to my eyes when he came and simply sat by his friend.

But I SERIOUSLY could have done without Izzie’s monologue, especially when she told George he made a mistake marrying Callie. And then the closing scene with the bomb squad guy and Denny…seriously.

Did Grey’s Anatomy just jump the shark????????? I hope not but can’t say for sure.

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