Birthday Tea

Since last year’s birthday was quite a bust, I decided this year to take matters into my own hands. A local tea room was hosting a Valentine’s Dessert Tea, so I reserved a room for my nearest and dearest pals.

It was a wonderful night but we learned a very important lesson – don’t bring BOYS (even 30 and 40+ year old ones) to you tea party! I love them anyway but they really didn’t “get” the essence of the tea. And they set stuff on fire. Which is generally frowned upon in tearooms.

One thought on “Birthday Tea

  1. Oh…I'm laughing at what you just said! Although it sounds like a wonderful idea you had for the birthday-Valentine's tea, I tend to agree…setting things on fire is frowned upon in tearooms! LOL

    Did you happen to read my mother-daughter tearoom post last month? It was completely perfect…wouldn't have been the same with a son, I don't thing…;)

    Sounds like a nice birthday celebration, though!

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