Once again, life is put into perspective.

Yesterday started off as a much better day. I went into a weekly meeting at work and when I came out, I received an email from my friend Kris that the medical director at my previous employer had been killed in a plane crash. He left behind a wife and a son that he loved so dearly, as well as many patients and colleagues whom he touched.

I noticed another email from my friend Michael asking me to call him. As he works at the same company, I assumed the news was the same. I called him and immediately said that I had heard and started asking him for details on the plane crash. He stopped me and said he had other sad news to impart – our friend Debbie lost her husband that morning to a heart attack. He had been sick and in the hospital but was scheduled to be discharged that morning. My heart breaks for Debbie – I cannot imagine how hard this is. I tried to call her today but I understand from others that she is out making the arrangements. I’m praying for her and just hope she is holding up ok – as well as can be expected.

How petty and stupid my whinings on Monday seem.

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