‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

The bulletins for Christmas eve service are finished – printed and waiting to be delivered to the woman who puts them together. She will be so thrilled to have them ahead of time – and I am also thrilled to not be doing them on Christmas Eve!

The Christmas cards went out over the weekend and I’m not baking this year, so the only thing left to be done is the most dreaded of all tasks – the wrapping. Last year, I was blessed by a freak snowstorm that closed my office and I was able to stay home all day and wrap. Since it’s nearly 60 degrees this week, not much chance of that. I thought of paying one of the youth to do it but that seems wrong. As much as I hate wrapping, I feel like wrapping is all part of the gift giving experience. Now the challenge is finding the time to do it. I just had a terrible image of me wrapping gifts on Christmas morning before driving to my parents house. AAAAHHHH. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I have many things in mind to blog about but at the moment my energy is fading. Perhaps tomorrow…unless I wrap!

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